Sal Island

The Sunniest Island


The call for interaction with the sea ...

Today almost exclusively devoted to tourism, the island of Sal owes its name to the industry that flourished here between the eighteenth century and the mid-FRI. XX.

Land of beautiful white sand beaches, warm clear waters and coral reefs, Sal Island offers unique conditions for water sports, from surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing to scuba diving, fishing and swimming. Despite its volcanic origin, the island is flat, resembling the lunar surface, and has a warm climate and dry tropical, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful beaches or the famous salt for 365 days a year. The island of Sal is the main tourist spot in the country, accounting for over 50% of overnight stays in the archipelago. Visit the bay of Murdeira, Rabo de Junco, Baia Joaquim Petinha, Buracona, Ponta Preta, and the Cave of Love, among others, it is a must for anyone visiting this island. It has an international airport with links to the main markets.

Rejuvenate in the salt baths ...

Pedra do Lume is undoubtedly one of the must-visit sites in Sal Island. This village is located below the sea level, is a salt lake in the crater of a volcano long extinct.

Inactive since the late twentieth century, the salt preserved, even today, some artifacts used in the extraction and transportation of salt. Let yourself dive in these waters and rejuvenate this memorable experience.

Immerse yourself with us in the most beautiful reefs in the world ...

But one of the most beautiful reefs in the world, certainly one of the most colorful. Dive into the clear and magical waters of Sal and get involved in a scene of great beauty that the flora and marine fauna of this island have created for themselves.

The waters, warm and turquoises of the island, hiding places of incredible beauty, from Buracona to Serra Negra, through Pontinha or at Morro Pedra, there are many places where you can get lost in the immense blue of this sea.













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