São Vicente Island

The Cultural Island


The symbolism of art and culture

From 1830, and during the installation of a coal deposit, the island of Saint Vincent went from barren land haven of ships everywhere. Hence the present day, from coal to diesel, São Vicente and Mindelo asserted themselves as a center of great cosmopolitanism, music festivals, the carnivals, religious festivals and craft, where the night comes alive to the serene hours of the day.

The pace of warm and splicer, the island became a place of cultural diversity, exchanging turns a barren and quiet landscape, the energy and fun of its people. The highlight also goes to the magnificent bay of Porto Grande, the "Monte Cara" and the Monte Verde Natural Park, as well as the beautiful beaches, which highlight the "Laginha" (in the city of Mindelo), St. Peter, "Baia das Gatas", "Praia Grande" and "Pebble". The theater, this is a strong plate and has a lot of expression on this island, there is even an annual festival. The island has an airport and international port.

A living example of cultural cosmopolitanism and leisure

São Vicente is an island of contrasts where you can breathe an unusual atmosphere and very own. The streets of the capital, Mindelo, are gaily adorned by a European colonial architecture and the cosmopolitanism that hangs in the air, while the interior of the island is dry and with some associated relief.

The island of St. Vincent is also a place of beautiful warm and clear water beaches such as the beach Salamansa, "Baia das Gatas" or the beach of St. Peter, for lovers of windsurfing. With a rich musical tradition, the city of Mindelo is considered the "cultural capital" of the country, still offering visitors good restaurants where you can enjoy rich cuisine, to the sound of beautiful warm or splicer.

The perfect combination of culture, beach and entertainment

The cultural tradition of St. Vincent capital gains further expression in two periods of the year: during the music festival "Baía das Gatas", the most famous Cape Verdean cultural event, and Carnival.

The passing year the party has also much fame .. On this island every detail gain importance as the careful preservation of public places and historical heritage, either by the presence of a permanent cultural movement. Saint Vincent, the ideal destination for those who like to combine fun, beach and culture. Let yourself, therefore, involve an unforgettable experience and surrender to joy and contagious revelry this island.













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