São Nicolau Island

The Pristine Island


The longing icon ... the land of mysteries.

Daughter of morna and Sôdade, land of mystery and an imposing culture, São Nicolau, owes its name to the day of its discovery in 1461. From rugged forms and steep and countryside, scattered in the air and magic faces of its people, believers in a thousand legends and mysteries that line, even today, their lives.

The colorful houses of the black rocks, São Nicolau is stopping place for lovers of talassoterapeuticas ancestral practices such as limo baths and sand. "Preguiça", "Ponta Larga – Juncalinho", the ancient volcano (Juncalinho - now defunct), "Ribeira Prata" and "Carberinho" constitute crossing points required for those visiting the island.

Surprise yourself with the history of a people marked by colonization

Nostalgia Island sung by Cesaria Evora, has in Ribeira Grande the main urban center, whose architecture, markedly colonial, stamping its historical and cultural identity. Speaking of culture, the music here is another: the Mazurca, which induced the flavor of the violin, is an excellent musical note to taste the known modje São Nicolau.

Dare to climb the peak of Monte Gordo

Adventuring the "Ribeira da Prata" (Tarrafal de São Nicolau county) to Monte Gordo Natural Park, 1312 meters above sea level, is undoubtedly a memorable beauty ride through eucalyptus and conifers that mark the rails .

Not to be missed are the views that have this hill, now the sea that separates and unites the creole traditions, now for some islands north of the archipelago, only visible on a clear day.

Explore the more than 100 species of dragon tree present in landscapes

Typical of the Macaronesian region, where Cape Verde is engaged, the dragon trees are rare and old trees and were classified as a species in danger of extinction. It is here over a hundred specimens of this tree, completing a backdrop of unparalleled beauty and exuberance.











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