Fogo Island



The island volcano ... a survival mystical

Of volcanic origin, the island saw the birth of his name around the imposing volcano that still today is active. Fire is one of the most fertile islands of the archipelago and who goes there, not soon forget the contrasts, the flavors and aromas.

Black, warm and tender green color, the island that produced, in time, cotton and coffee, which put her on the routes of the slave, is now the land of unique taste and aroma of wine and coffee. Colonization brought to this land the traces of an architecture still preserved, which does not lack the houses, the history of the icons of this people. Fire invites also the beautiful walks not only to speleologists, but also for all those who want to know the most beautiful features of an african-European culture.

Feel the magnetism of the volcano and the landscape of mystical

Still active, the volcano of Fogo Island is an imposing figure across the island, especially if we are in the small village of Cha das Caldeiras, a village at the foot of the main cone of the volcano.

The moonscape aspect of Cha das Caldeiras impress any visitor, this involving the mystical landscape, with the volcano, right on the imposing.

Surprise yourself with the culture of uniqueness

Between stories and dances, the people of Fogo Island is characterized by very distinct physical notes of other Cape Verde islands like the blond hair and blue eyes, genetic inheritance of the French Armand Montrond.

In addition to genetic inheritance, Armand Montrond left a distinct cultural heritage, which is revealed in wine production techniques and coffee and music. In addition to the local crafts, made of lava, Cha das Caldeiras is the ideal place to get carried away by the sounds of dance "Talaia Low" or popular dances that take place throughout the island. The "bandeirona" is a cultural manifestation of the most popular in the archipelago, which is worth seeing, on the occasion of May 1st.

Venture to walk to the top of the volcano

The volcano, about three thousand meters above sea level, is the highest point in the archipelago. Climb it, Chã das Caldeiras to its top, is an unforgettable experience for all who seek experiences and unprecedented sensations, a wild landscape, lunar and fertile.

Come explore spiked trails in the mountains

The vineyards and the Fire Island coffee plantations provide aromatic and unique moments in trips to the plantations. Enjoy these moments and indulge in wine and coffee Fire, grown in inhospitable and volcanic zones whose microclimates give them unique flavors and aromas.








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