Supplier Faq's

What happens after I register?

How it works:

  • You register yourself
  • We checked your data
  • Receives access to the summary page of your property
  • You can update your calendar, prices and all what you want
  • When you're all ready to your property will be online!
  • After registering your property, we will review your information and make sure that we have all the data we need. Then you will receive an email with the details to log in to your Extranet. It is here that will update their pricing and availability. Then you will receive instructions on how to put your property online at!

Note: If you have carried out the registration and has not received any contact of ours, don't worry-we're still reviewing your information and we will contact you shortly.

Can I update my registration later?

Once you have made the register with us, you can update your details at any time. For example, if you add a new convenience or if you want to tell us more about the area-you can add this information at any time.

What kind of photos should I upload?

When performs the registration we ask you to upload photos from your space. This is because we know that customers give much value to the pictures while researching an accommodation. We recommend you to carry pictures that show either the interior wants the outside of your property. Do not need to be professional photos-pictures taken with a smartphone gives customers a good impression of the space.

When my property is online?

When you finish the registration and your data are revised, we will send you an e-mail with the next steps to put your property online at

What do I get in Exchange for the Commission paid?

  • A strong online presence
  • Multiviagens Tour actively advertises your property in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to reach the largest possible number of potential customers from all over the world.
  • Innovative tools and options
  • Highly qualified specialists work incessantly on the website and mobile applications to keep up with the news of the world online, ensuring that your page has been optimized in order to receive the largest possible number of reservations.
  • Immediate confirmation
  • All bookings made through are instantly confirmed, saving you work.
  • Real guest reviews
  • A dedicated team checks the guest reviews, making sure they are legit. This guarantees credibility and help future guests to take the decision to choose your property.



  • Our support team is always available for you and your customers-in multiple languages.

How do I know that the Commission will pay for the reservation?

When you add your property to paid Commission for each booking. The percentage of the Commission will appear in the step "agreement/contract", in the registration process. At the end of each month, we will send you an invoice with the amount of Commission.

I have to check all my bookings?

You do not need to confirm any of its reserves. When a customer booking a stay at your property, is confirmed instantly online. Thus, it is more convenient for you, since you don't have to confirm each request for potential customers.

What happens if a customer cancel?

When a client cancels two scenarios could happen. If a customer cancels and their property has a free cancellation policy, the client does not pay anything, just don't have to pay Commission. If a customer cancels and their property does not have a free cancellation policy, the client pays a fee and thus have to pay Commission on the value that the customer pays to you.

How do customers pay your reservations?

Customers pay their reservations on arrival at your property or online via bank transfer or credit card. We are working to provide more options to accept customer payments, soon there may be additional options available when logging record.

What happens in case of no-show of a client?

No-show? No problem. You will never have to pay Commission in case of no-show customers.

What happens if a customer damages my accommodation?

Owners of villas, apartments, holiday homes may seek security deposits to customers. The deposits can help cover potential damage that a client can cause-ensuring any guarantee that your accommodation will be treated with respect. Other types of accommodation can be covered by insurance.



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