Brava Island

Flower Island


The island of contrasts ... steep cliffs and seas of flowers.

Brava island of the smallest of the archipelago, known for the island of flowers and poets such as Eugénio Tavares great composer of warm, the City 'Nova Sintra' is an authentic garden
Brava is one of the greenest islands of the archipelago and its wealth of flowers abound the eyes of those who one day proclaimed as the "island of flowers". The inhabited islands of Cape Verde, this is the smallest.

The green of the island, full of charms to discover, brings with it scenarios of different colors and flavors, where deep valleys contrast with the highest peaks. With a sinuous coastline, bays earn their charm, where the blue sea and the green of the land contrast with the colorful boats that we can find there. Water Faja is a must visit. Brava presents, over rough trails with the energetic colors of bougainvillea, jasmine aroma and sweetness of hibiscus. Let it also involve the mystique of Nova Sintra city, capital of the island, which has markedly colonial characteristics.

Where tranquility and beauty have no limits.

How to escape from everyday hustle that live on other islands, Brava toasting each visitor with quiet moments of pure relaxation and meditation, through deep valleys and steep mountains, or simply the sound of the sea winds shake the many bays of the island.

Brava stands out also for the beauty that make up the islets off the north coast of the island, home to colonies of very rare seabirds.

Where he renewed the essence of warm.

Eugénio Tavares, born in Brava island, is considered the great composer, reformer and renovator of the lyrics and music of Morna, the Cape Verdean musical genre originating in the island of Boa Vista, and that reflects the insular reality of the people of Cape Verde, the romanticism of the troubadours and the love of the land (the need to go and want to stay ...).

Today, in his honor, the house where he lived in Vila Nova Sintra, the capital city of this island is the "house of his Memoirs" and worth visiting ...

An ideal island for the practice of trekking.

Perfect for long walks, Brava island, with its 67 km2, provides scenarios of many indentations of the coastline and panoramic views of great beauty.

Just 20 km from the island of Fogo, the landscape is almost always interrupted by majestic neighbor volcano (Fire Island), contrasting with the many shades of blue sea and the thousand and one colors of what is known as the "island of flowers ".









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